A head rested on the pillow
With a million thoughts and dreams
Eyes that open to a familiar glow
Of your face, a smile that beams

Of times that flew, intrigue that grew
Of jokes and taunts and laughter and wisecracks
Of endless conversations and bonds new
That’s how we started out, now that I look back

You seemed like that stranger who
Is the rain on those dry sunny days
Your touch gave me the strength to hold on to
Yet give in to all of your ways

To re-discover what I had left behind
To make promises and keep them again
You gave me a new heart and mind
Full of faith, minus that constant guilt and pain

Of course you had your quirks and weirdness
And I continue to deal with that
Sometimes its funny and harmless
Sometimes it makes me reconsider all that we have

A future unseen, dreams undreamt, answers we seek
What awaits us, is bound to reveal itself soon
If hand in hand we stay, its meant to be
If not, I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon

A surge of emotions… IIT Kanpur. Aug 18, 2012. Late night.


I knew this quatrain that evades my mind
Once when I knew a soul unlike mine
In a different space and time it was
And not as far out as it seemed it was

What made me forget was the struggle that ensued
Enemies to be eliminated and their blood spewed
The harder I fought the faster I grew
Into a stone within which was a hollow brew

The battle went on through the night
Long and treacherous, slow and without fright
But fight I did with an upheld face
With hope and with tiring legs and brace

At dawn I met this maiden fair and fat
Hardly concerned herself with this and that
Harsh in words and kind in deed
I wondered if she wasn’t a soul unlike mine indeed

I lowered my shield, she took me in
Let me rest and warm my bones
And forgave me with a pleasant grin
The quatrain came back to me that night in sleep

It seems courage is a hard thing to find
But is it harder to find than a sane mind
Because it seems you can’t have both at once
So, What would you rather be, my chump?

- Curiosity

March 15, 2012. 1:23 AM.

I’ve heard time heals it all
How, is what I’d like to see
Big words and feelings small
Make up most of my memories

Patience is the key
That’s what they all say
But why be patient and wait for the unworthy
When these are the games that people play

Written on the night back from Lucknow/Kanpur

Writing about them, cures some aches… The rest, they remain!

The games that people play
Make me feel this way
That trust, truthfulness, togetherness
Are things of yesterday

The songs on their lips, the love that they convey
Will leave their souls and eyes, they aren’t here to stay
So stories of promises, passion and purity
Have just one key takeaway – the games that people play!

Written for the Competent Communicator 4 Speech

@ Deloitte Hyderabad Toastmasters Club

Some things are not worth writing about, only experiencing…

Some things when written about, make the experience…